Guidelines for Shooters
All the shooters are being strictly instructed to follow safety rules.
All participants are requested to go through the instructions carefully and ensure strict compliance.
All participants are expected to abide by the rules and regulations for the Championship. Discipline on and off the field is very essential.
The Organizers will have the right to stop any match or event in case of any emergency without assigning any reason for such an action on their part.
In case of non participation by the competitors after submission of their entries, the entry fee will not be refunded
In case of any accident or harm caused by a participant to himself or to any other person at the range, neither UPSRA nor Organizer, will be held responsible for the same in any manner whatsoever.
The Competitors shall observe strict safety regulations and range discipline.
Shooters shall not load/commence firing unless on the firing line and only when appropriate firing order is given by the Range Officer. The competitors shall carry all weapons with bolts/actions open at all times except on the firing line.
Shooters furnishing wrong information regarding their date of birth, caught indulging in any unfair means or indulging in any indiscipline may be debarred for two years, from taking part in any shooting championship.
Participants are forbidden to practice with their weapons in their hotels and public places.
Clothes/equipment to be used as per ISSF Rules.
Smoking, consuming Alcohol, use of Illegal Drugs and Chewing of Pan/Gutka is strictly prohibited at the Range.
Note : Program (Date and Venue) is subject to change, all the participants/competitors are requested to see UPSRAs’ website to be updated.

I hereby undertake and declare that I will fully abide by the safety Rules. I hereby confirm and state that neither I nor any one on my behalf will make any claim whatsoever either against U.P. State Rifle Association, Lucknow, or Organizer, in the event of any injury or accident or death sustained by or through me to anyone else at the Shooting Range and premises of the Venue of the Championship. I have read terms and conditions as stated in the Circular and promise to abide by them.

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